Sunday, 29 September 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Gillamatong VK2/ST-034

After activating Mt Budawang drove back to Braidwood and stopped at a Cafe for a coffee. Decided to check out a nearby summit, Mt Gillamatong, only a couple of Km out of town. Drove up Gillamatong Lane, this took me directly towards the summit.

At the end of Gillamatong Lane found a parking area with an open gate. This took me into a lane between fences, at the back of a property.

Headed to the left, then up another path to another open access gate. Beyond this scrub.

After this just scrub bashing. Not too thick, but quite steep and rocky in places. The hill was steeper and bigger than it looked... After several minutes reached the top. The poor trig point had been beheaded :( vanes on the ground nearby.

Set up the radio at the base of the trig, and strapped the squid pole to the trig.

Ran the 40m dipole legs out to nearby rocks and trees. Some nearby masts, but no interference.

Got on 40m. Quite a lot of QRM from some RTTY contest, plus storm static crashes. Started with a S2S with Brian, VK3MCD on VK3/VC-030 Flinders Peak, who had just worked Allen, VK3HRA on VK3/VC-025 Mt Dandenong. Tried to call Allen but he had gone. Moved up to 7.095 and started a pileup, with Peter, VK3PF spotting me. Later Allen VK3HRA called me, he had seen my spot and had set up again to work me, thanks Allen.

Also worked Paul, VK3PAS portable in Mylor Conservation Park.  Total of 24 contacts on 40m. Packed up and headed down before the sun set.

View heading down into town.

Track log of walk


  1. Hi Ian,
    Nice to have spoken with you. I was propped up against a chicken wire fence amongst the scrub in the Mylor Conservation Park, and enjoying the sunshine. A good solid 5/5 signal from you.
    Best 73,

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the contact. You were a good 5/5 too, getting over the RTTY contest QRM nicely. Quite windy on the summit, at one point had to retie one leg of the dipole that had pulled off in the wind...still getting signals though with one leg on the ground...

    73 Ian VK1DI