Sunday, 1 September 2013

1st SOTA Activation of new VK2 Association South Black Range VK2/ST-006

Today 1 Sep 2013 marked the go live date of the new SOTA Association, VK2, New South Wales, so popped over the VK1 border to activate a local peak.

I chose VK2/ST-006 South Black Range, as I have visited this before bushwalking and should not get too lost...It is located East of Canberra in Tallaganda National Park, so no worries with private property access.

Drove out to Queanbeyan, then followed the Kings Highway, Captains Flat Rd, Briars Shallow Rd, Plains Rd, Hoskinstown Rd. Turned off the Hoskingstown Rd onto Forbes Creek Rd.

Drove though the small farm settlement of Forbes Creek into Tallaganda National Park

After a few Km turned off onto North Black Range Trial.

Followed this trail. There are a few rocky bits and it's quite narrow, but found it easy going in my Nissan Xtrail with a bit of clearance.

After about 2.5 Km came to a minor track on the left leading up to the summit. Looked a bit rough, and wanted to walk into the activation zone, so parked the car and walked about 500m to the top

The track takes you to within about 100m of the summit. Arrived at the summit trig. I quite like this trig, unusual. A large rocky cairn sitting on top of a big granite boulder.

If you are wondering how to get up there, there used to be a very suspect looking wooden ladder on the side. Found it lying on the ground next to the boulder. Never been keen to climb this...

Set up the squid pole on a nearby stump and set up the FT817 on a nearby rock.

Ran 20m and 40m dipoles out to nearby saplings. Plenty of room.

Got on 40m at waited for 0000z, when the association went live. Worked several VK2s, VK3 and VK5s, including S2S with

VK2JI/VK2LAX Ed/Rod on VK2/HU-093
VK2ONZ Andrew on VK2/IL-017
VK3HRA Allen on VK3/VC-020
VK1NAM Andrew on VK2/ST-001. Also worked Andrew on 2m FM.
VK2YW John on VK2/RI-026
VK3PF Peter on VK3/VT-012
VK3PI Mark on VK3/VC-007
VK3KAB Kevin on VK3/VC-028

Tried 20m, but no answer to my CQ calls on 14.342 Mhz. Could hear the VK6 WIA broadcast so some propagation to VK6, but not many stations on.

Packed up around noon and headed home for lunch. Track log of short walk to summit.

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