Sunday, 25 August 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Tennent VK1/AC-025

Mt Tennent lies to the South of Canberra just near the village of Tharwa, and is around 1380m high, so had a bit of a climb ahead of me from around 650m.

Parked at Namadgi Visitors Centre at 8:30am. There was an early morning fog hiding the summit.

The track starts behind the sign. Note you can walk all the way from here to Walhalla in Victoria via the Australian Alps Walking track, around 650km. Went for the shorter walk up Mt Tennent instead...

The track crosses the Naas Rd, then the walk starts. There is a bushwalking register to sign. The track initially crosses old farm land then becomes more rocky with lots of steps.

After about 30 minutes got an SMS from Andrew, VK1NAM advising he was setting up at the summit of Mt Yarara, VK1/AC-030. After another 5 minutes reached a lookout called Cypress Pine. Managed a weak contact with Andrew on the hand held here.

Continued on up with many steps and switchbacks in the track. After 5km reached the junction of the track running to Booroombra Rocks and a fire trail heading for Mt Tennent, 2.5Km away.

The walking got a lot easier for a while.

This track then joins the main road running up to the fire tower, steep but not too bad. After 2 1/2 hours of walking reached the fire tower on top. It's locked.

Views from the top were very good. Looking South East, the Tinderries on the horizon.

Looking West. Note several distant peaks covered in snow, Mt Bimberi on the left and Mt Gingera, Mt Ginini I believe. The rocky peak may be Mt McKeahnie.

Set up the squid pole just below the fire tower, using occy straps on a stump of a wattle tree. Ran the 2 legs of the 40m dipole out to a couple of small saplings.

Set up the FT817 on the nearby rocks. Nice in the sun, not much wind and around 16c.

Got on 40m at 11:30am and got the usual bunch of chasers. Got an S2S with Glenn, VK3YY on VK3/VC-008, Hyde Hill. Managed to contact Andrew VK1NAM on 2m FM on VK1/AC-029, so told Glenn to hang around while Al VK1RX set up on 40m. He go the contact made later. Peter, VK3PF came up later on VK3/VT-037. then Allen VK3HRA on VK3/VU-002. Then we all waited for Tony, VK3CAT to come up on VK3/VC-001 for another S2S.

After this packed up, having made 24 contacts, including some nice hand held to hand held contacts with some Canberra stations.

Stopped on the way down to relax on the seat at Cypress Pine lookout, now in the sun.

Track log of the walk. A 15km total walk with about an 800m height gain...

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  1. Great to work you summit to summit Ian!