Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lighthouse chasing from Caseys Beach

After stopping overnight at Batemans Bay headed South on Beach Road, looking for a suitable spot to chase Lighthouse/SOTA activations.

Casey's Beach, about 4Km South of Batemans Bay, looked like a good spot, with a picnic table for the radio and a fence nearby. Set up the 7m squid pole with the 40m dipole running along the fence.

Set up the FT817 and SLA battery on the picnic table.

Lots of strong stations in the RD (Remembrance Day) contest but not many lighthouse stations. Worked VK2EP, Russell at Smokey Cape Lighthouse with a good strong signal. The wind came up strong mid morning and threatened to damage the squid pole, so gave it away and packed up.

Still a pleasant spot to play radio from for a while.

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