Sunday, 4 August 2013

FAROS and 24 Mhz propagation

After playing about yesterday with making up a SOTA dipole for 24 Mhz, thought I would run the program FAROS for a while and check out how 24 Mhz propagation is at the moment.

FAROS is an Automatic NCDXF monitoring program to monitor the 18 beacons on the bands 14, 17,21,24 and 28 Mhz in 18 different locations around the world.

Read all about the beacon network at and FAROS at

Basically I just run FAROS in the laptop in the shack, and it automatically switches my TS480 radio to the 5 different beacon frequencies and logs any beacon it hears.

There is a "History" tab to show what beacons are logged over time.

As you can see 12m, 24 Mhz is far from dead...VK6RBP in Perth comes in well for several hours. KH6WO in Hawaii comes in good for a while, and W6WX West Coast US is good in the mornings too.
As I found Japan, JA2IGY comes in briefly around 0600z. Oddly enough there was even a brief opening to Russian beacon RR9O in the afternoons, and no other bands opened?

Receiving was on a 40/20m dipole, so not even a resonant antenna...

I set up my laptop to FTP the result up to my website so can monitor the bands remotely. Website is

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