Saturday, 10 August 2013

Galaxy Note 8 Tablet and Rucksack Radio Tool

Recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I find my mobile phone a bit hard reading for long periods and wanted something for general quick web browsing around the home and while away. My eyesight is not getting any better...

As per my phone I installed Rucksack Radio Tool, for keeping an eye on SOTA :) Looks good on a big screen.

For those unfamiliar with this program it announces in a female voice SOTA peak activations with the association name, frequency and mode. It came in handy today, working VK3WAM Wayne on 4 summits, VK3IL David on VK3/VE-023 Mt Tabletop and Paul VK5PAS on VK5/NE-050 Stokes Hill.

It can be downloaded from The page is in German but not hard to work out the download link, or use Googe Translate. You can also use it to self spot from a summit if you have mobile internet coverage.

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