Monday, 7 October 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Wee Jasper VK2/ST-017

Having a day off work for Labour Day in the ACT, decided to go activate a new peak. Picked Mt Wee Jasper as I had walked up it before several years ago, and remembered it has a walking track to it, the Hume and Hovell Walking Track.

Left home in North Canberra, drove to Wee Jasper via Uriarra Rd, Fairlight Rd, Mountain Creek Rd and Wee Jasper-Yass Rd. After driving through the Wee Jasper followed the road for a further 4Km until arriving at the Fitzpatrick Trackhead camping ground. Being a long weekend was busy with campers.

Drove to a car park at the end of the reserve and started walking. Note the Hume and Howell Walking track runs for over 400Km between Yass and Albury. Track markers show Hume and Hovell walking...

Sign on the track indicating 7.8Km to go to the summit of Mt Wee Jasper. Forgotten it was so far...

After a bit over a Km the track crosses a stile to the left and heads uphill through farmland. A bit annoyed to see I could have actually parked here and saved some walking...

The track climbed steeply up the hill

Headed right following hill contour. Some good views

The track crosses several wooden bridges on the way.

A few Km from the top the track joins a forestry road. May possibly be an easier way up from the end of this road.

After a junction and walk through pines the foot track continues up to Mt Wee Jasper. After almost 3 hours walking reached the summit. Trig and a sign indicating 1121m.

Just behind the top were a couple of seats. I like seats :) Used one for supporting the squid pole and as a radio desk.

FT817 SOTA shack on seat.

Got on 40m, worked John  VK2YW on VK2/RI-002 for a S2S. After moving down to 7.085 worked the pileup...Made another S2S with Scott VK2AET on VK2/NT-051. Also worked Grant VK2GEL in Goobang NP. Made 20 contacts, as not a holiday in VK3 a fairly good number. While on the summit a small brown wallaby came by, got quite close for a photo.

Headed back down the same way. After over 15 Km of walking I was very tired...Next time I'll try to access from a road on the other side instead of the walking track...Seems I climbed about 700m! Track log of walk.

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