Wednesday, 9 October 2013

SOTA Presentation to Goulburn and Southern Highlands Amateur Radio Society

Andrew VK1NAM received an invitation to do a presentation to the Goulburn and Southern Highlands Amateur Radio Society on SOTA, and invited myself, Al VK1RX and Andrew VK1DA along.

Met up with Andrew VK1NAM and Al VK1RX at the Ainslie Football Club at 6:45pm, where Andrew and Al transferred themselves and SOTA gear to my car and we drove to Goulburn. Goulburn is around 100 Km drive from North Canberra, via the Federal Highway and Hume Highway. Took about an hour, on the way we checked out some potential SOTA peaks on the other side of Lake George...

Arrived at the club meeting venue, the Goulburn Workers Club about 6:45pm, where we caught up with the club president, Chris, VK2EF just arriving. He led us to meet some of the other club members, also Andrew VK1DA who had driven here separately.  Had a nice meal in the club.

Just before 8pm headed upstairs to a meeting room where Andrew set up the presentation. Like the Canberra Club presentation there were technical problems with getting the laptop and projector to talk to each other, however in this case managed to get it working and the presentation started about 6 minutes late.

Here is the Presentation Contents:

Andrew VK1NAM covered the history of SOTA, then Andrew VK1DA as VK2 Association Manager covered SOTA in VK2. I gave a brief description of the VK2 qualifying summits in the local area.

Andrew VK1NAM then spoke about activating, chasing, rules  Gave a live presentation of generating a spot using the phone app to the SOTAWatch website, worked well, even go the goat to bleep!

Al VK1RX gave a talk on how to go about getting access to summits on private property.

We quickly showed our SOTA gear as running behind time. The club members seemed quite interested. Finished off showing our blogs, including mine.

Drove back to the Ainslie Football Club, getting back around 11:00pm, another 10 minutes and I got home.

Think the presentation went well, although was a lot to take in. No doubt will at least get a few more chasers coming up from the club members, might even get some new activators.

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