Thursday, 17 October 2013

10 Metres Open

As well as SOTA one of my other amateur radio interests is chasing DX on 10m JT65. Having read online that 10m has had some good openings lately, decided to leave the radio on 28.076 Mhz while at work for the day.

Here is the result of 12 hours receiving, displayed on Pskreporter

The pink blobs are 10m. As you can see USA, Pacific, Asia and Europe all heard. After getting home from work 10m went quiet, so switched to 15m for a while (orange blobs). Mainly Japanese signals. 15m seemed to quieten down after sunset, so switched back to 10m. Saw OZ1PIF calling so gave him a call and managed to work him, Peter in Denmark, running 25w into a dipole. I run about 30w into a 5 element yagi. Nice to hear the band open again, been ages since I worked Europe on 10m.

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