Monday, 5 March 2018

WWFF VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 550 Award

Following a series of new VKFF park activations recently I managed to reach 550 park references confirmed on Logsearch, and applied for the VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 550 award

For interest tallied up the number of parks worked in each VK call area in Excel.

VK1 21
VK2 150
VK3 135
VK4 70
VK5 138
VK6 13
VK7 22
VK8 0
VK9 1
Total 550

So VK2 provides the most parks, not surprising as it now contains over 500 parks and is close by.
VK3 and VK5 parks are still quite well worked. VK4 has become a lot more active lately, the main challenge is distance from me, as per VK6. VK1 and VK7, not having a lot of parks and activators have lower numbers.

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