Sunday, 11 March 2018

WWFF Activation Cuumbeun Nature Reserve VKFF-1920

On Sunday afternoon had a contact with VK4AAC/1, Rob, in VKFF-0991, Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve. As had spoken to him many times in different parks decided to drop in and say hello in person, and while in the area activate a new park, Cuumbeun Nature Reserve, VKFF-1920.

Caught up with Rob and his partner Doris in the Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve, and had a good chat. He had an impressive station, a 40 m doublet on a squid pole, with the ends up high, and twin lead feed attached to the front of his 4WD. He is retired and spends his time wandering the countryside in a caravan, activating parks for WWFF in different areas. Something I'll probably eventually do when I eventually retire...

After chatting to Rob and Doris headed off to activate Cuumbeun Nature Reserve. Having travelled the Captains Flat Road before I knew where I could activate it from, not far along the Captains Flat Rd from the Kings Highway was an entrance gate to the park.

Sign for the park near the gate.

Set up in the bush, not far from the sign. Used a small gum tree sapling for squid pole support.

Operating spot in the park. Map from Protected Planet.

Shack on the table. It was a warm day, got a little bit of shade from the trees.

Got on 40 m. My first contact was of course a park to park with Rob, VK4AAC/1 in VKFF-0991 Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve. As he was only a few Km away he was 59+...

Then worked several park hunters, keen to get this 1st activation of this park.

VK1LAJ Aaron
VK2VW Brett
VK3ZZS/7 Tom
VK3BBB Brian
VK4VXX/3 Greg
VK2USH Steve

Another park to park with VK5HSX/3 Stef in VKFF-0973 Mount Alexander Regional Park

A few more park hunter contacts

VK3VAR Howard
ZL2ALK Lamont with a very good signal from New Zealand

Saw a spot for VK6MB/p Mike in VKFF-0650 Midgergoroo National Park on 20 m, so changed the links and QSYed to 20. Managed a weak 52 contact with him, we were both in electrically quiet parks so no problems even though signals were weak.

Tried a few calls myself on 20 m, but no luck.

Packed up and headed home for dinner.

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