Saturday, 31 March 2018

SOTA Boboyan Range VK1/AC-044

With Wade VK1MIC doing an activation of Bimberi Peak, VK1/AC-001 on Saturday, decided to try chasing him from another summit nearby, VK1/AC-044, Boboyan Range.

As per other activations drove South down the Boboyan Road, stopping  briefly at Hospital Hill lookout to admire the view of the mountains to the West. Bimberi Peak is not visible here, but the path on 2 m to there was between the 2 closest mountains, known as Yankee Hat 1 and 2.

Continued on a few more Km to the South and parked at a road side cutting, used previously for activations. The walk to the summit from here is a bit over a Km. Initially a bit scrubby until getting to the top of the ridge, then becomes easier going. I did find the pack carrying a bit harder, other times used my light weight FT-817D, this time had the FT-857D for extra power, also extra weight :(

Got to VK1AD Andrews unofficial trig, a small rock pile around the highest point on the summit. Note Boboyan Range is not an officially named summit, just a high point in the range that satisfies the rules for a SOTA peak.

Set up the squid pole, initially just for 2 m, trying to catch some of the others out on summits. I ended up moving it later to a log as there was a branch near the top of the squid pole.

Another view with the 80/40/20m linked dipoles laid out through the trees.

Shack on the tarp.

Started on 2m FM on the ribbon Jpole with a S2S with VK1CT/p Chris on VK1/AC-041 Isaacs Ridge. Then another S2S with VK1AD/p Andrew on VK1/AC-008 Mt Ginini.

2 m simplex contact with VK1MA Matt, and another S2S with VK1FWBK/p Bill on nearby VK2/SM-093 Mt Livingstone, although a bit of a challenge with the Clear Range to get through..

Another simplex contact with a chaser, VK1FXNZ. Note could not hear some of the Canberra stations a lots of mountains shielding my 2 m signal.

Finally Wade VK1MIC/p came up on 2m FM from VK1/AC-001, Bimberi Peak, very strong at times. He had high winds so only worked 2 m FM. At least he easily qualified it with plenty of local contacts.

Moved to HF, 40 m. A park to park with VK3ZPF/p Peter in VKFF-0957 Yarringa Marine Marine National Park. Note I was in Namadgi National Park, VKFF-0377.

Then worked some of the regular SOTA/Park chasers. VK5IS, VK3FSPG, VK3MPR, VK5WG, VK3ZA, VK4HNS, VK3TP, VK4TJ, VK2LEE, VK7ME, VK7EE, VK3CAT, VK3GMC.

Another park to park with VK4FW/p Bill in VKFF-0727 Woroon National Park.

Briefly tried 80 m, seeing I had the room for the dipole. 1 contact with VK2NP Cliff in Sydney. Not bad for 80 m in the afternoon...

Tried 20 m. Managed another S2S with VK1CT/p Chris on VK1/AC-041 Isaacs Ridge. Then 3 ZL contacts, ZL1BYZ John, ZL3IN Paul and ZL1WA Jacki.

Returned to 40 m for another park to park contact, VK3ZPF/p Peter again, this time in another park, VKFF-2166  North Western Port Nature Conservation Reserve.

After lunch packed up and headed home.

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