Sunday, 17 July 2016

Swamp Creek Nature Reserve VKFF-0987

Activated another Canberra Nature Reserve for the World Wide Flora and Fauna Award, Swamp Creek VKFF-0987. This is a little known Nature Reserve located near Uriarra Crossing in the far NW corner of the Australian Capital Territory. Drove out to Uriarra Crossing via Uriarra Rd and parked in the Uriarra picnic area.

Tried the mobile phone here, discovered there was no coverage... So drove South along Uriarra Rd, up the hill and parked close to a pair of locked gates. Good mobile coverage here.

An inspection of the gate on the right found a sticker from the ACT Parks and Conservation Service, so looks like I found an entry point into this park...

The park is not that well documented, boundaries on Google Maps unclear, and no signs for the public that there is actually a nature park here... Prior to the WWFF program I had not heard of it... Map from the Protected Planet website, Note the actual Swamp Creek is on the left, a tributary of Uriarra Creek which is on the right side. Uriarra Creek joins the park sections and empties into the Murrumbidgee River at Uriarra Crossing.

Set up the shack on a table just inside the park on the other side of the fence, using the fence post to support the squid pole. Dipole strung out to a nearby fence and a small tree nearby.

Close up of the shack. Used my TS-480 radio set to 40 W output.

Got on 40 m, worked Rob VK4AAC/3 activating VKFF-0747 Gippland Lakes Coastal Park.
Then the usual park hunters from VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK6.

Saw a spot on ParksnPeaks for VK6LDX/p Lewis on a SOTA peak VK6/PI-002 Mt Bruce, on 20 m, so changed the links to work him. Not too strong with QSB, worked him 52 report both ways, but he was on the other side of the continent... VK6/PI-002 is Mt Bruce in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is also in Karijini National Park VKFF-0257.

Stations worked on 40 m

1. VK4AAC/3 Rob in VKFF-0747
2. VK3PF Peter
3. VK3GGG Mick
4. VK3PMG Mick
5. VK3ZPF Peter
6. VK4RF Rick
7. VK4HA Rick
8. VK2IO Gerard
9. VK6MB Mike
10. VK2ZK Dave
11. VK3FRAB Damien
12. VK2LDN Glenn
13. VK3BBB Brian
14. VK5FANA Adrian
15. VK3FAPH Aaron
16. VK5FMMC Mick
17. VK3FLCS Brett

On 20 m

1. VK6LDX/p Lewis on VK6/PS-002 and VKFF-0257.

Tried spotting and calling on 20 m, with no takers. Packed up and headed home for dinner.

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