Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Arakwal National Park VKFF-0004

While staying on holidays for a few days at Byron Bay, decided to activate nearby Arakwal National Park. This park is located close to town and is just South of Cape Byron, the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland, and has never been activated before.

Parked at the end of Scott St in Byron Bay. Sign here for the park and a walking track behind it.

Note on the sign the usual orange NSW National Parks and Wildlife (Lyrebird) symbol on the left, and the dolphin on the right for Arakwal People and Land. The park is jointly managed by the NSW National Parks service and the local Aboriginal Arakwal community.

Followed the track until reaching the beach. Map courtesy of Openstreetmap red arrow showing my operating spot.

Looking North along the beach to Cape Byron and the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

Looking South down the beach

This was a first for me, activating on a beach. Where to attach a squid pole? I spotted a suitable tree close to the beach and tied the pole to it. Sorry about the blurred shot, low light with heavy cloud.

For a time I was the most Easterly amateur radio station in Australia.

No problems with mobile reception this close to Byron Bay. Spotted myself on the ParksNPeaks website and called CQ on 40m. Worked stations in VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK7, most good signals. Surprisingly Rick VK4RF was not that strong to me despite being not too far away.

One surprising call from Luis CT4NH in Lisbon Portugal. Must have spotted me on the DX cluster.

Packed up just before dark to head to town for dinner. 17 Stations worked.

1. VK2IO Gerard
2. VK2NNN Darren
3. VK2BMU Bob
4. VK4RF Rick
5. VK4HA Rick
6. VK7CW Steve
7. VK3PF Peter
8. VK3YKW Bill
9. VK5FANA Adrian
10. VK2XXM Robert
11. VK2PKT Keith
12. VK3PMG Mick
13. VK3GGG Mick
14. CT4NH Luis
15. VK3VBI Ron
16. VK4AAC/3 Rob
17. VK1MA Matt

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