Sunday, 31 July 2016

Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve VKFF-0991

Sunday looked to be okay weather wise with a top around 14 c, so decided to activate another WWFF park. With most of my previous park activations I have failed to make the 44 contacts needed for the WWFF point, so planned to revisit a park I had activated before, Molonglo Gorge Nature Reserve, VKFF-0991.

One reason I picked this park is that, unlike a lot of other Canberra Nature Parks, you can drive right into it. Sign entering the park.

As well as being easy access, it also has picnic tables, ideal for comfy park activations :)

Last activation used a table near the start of the walk to Molonglo Gorge.

This wasn't ideal as branches overhead prevented me getting the 7 m squid pole up to full height. So this time picked another picnic table, just above the car park on a hill, with a clear space above. I skipped using this table last visit as it was November, in full sun and quite warm, however in July was after all the sun I could get...Radio shack on the table. Dipole legs tied to a couple of nearby trees.

Got on 40 m. Started with a park to park contact with Gerard VK2IO/P in VKFF-1162, Berowra National Park. The park has only been recently added to the VK WWFF parks, and was a 1st activation. Gerard was a good S7, pleased as the 40 m band had been very poor lately for NVIS, close by contacts such as Sydney.

Went on to work the usual park hunters from VK2, VK3, VK4 and VK5. Worked a SOTA station, Graeme VK3GRK on VK3/VN-016 Mt Alexander. Another SOTA station contact with Rob VK2QR/P on VK2/SW-043 Wereboldera.

Saw a spot for Tony VK1VIC/P on Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037, on 2m FM. Quickly dug out the FT-60R hand held from the pack and heard him quite well, made a contact hand held to hand held. Also a park to park contact as Mt Taylor is also a WWFF park, Mt Taylor Nature Reserve VKFF-0854.

Also worked Rob VK2DIO/1 portable on Red Hill. He was not doing a park activation there though, just went up for the view and play radio.

Tried 20 m later, one contact with Gerard VK2JNG/8 in Pine Creek Northern Territory.

A total of 21 contacts. With the 24 contacts on my last visit made the 44 needed for a WWFF point.

Stations worked on 40 m

1. VK2IO/p Gerard in VKFF-1162
2. VK3PMG Mick
3. VK3GGG Mick
4. VK3ARH Allen
5. VK4RF Rick
6. VK4HA Rick
7. VK3GRK Graeme SOTA VK3/VN-016
8. VK5FANA Adrian
9. VK7LTD Tony
10. VK2LDN Glenn
11. VK3FADM Wayne
12. VK3ANL Nick
13. VK3PF Peter
14. VK5KLV Les
15. VK2QR/p Rob on VK2/SW-043
16. VK2UH Andrew
17. VK5HCF Col

On  2 m FM

18. VK1VIC/P Tony on SOTA VK1/AC-037 VKFF-0854

on 40 m

29. VK2FSAV Brett
20. VK2DIO/1 Rob

on 20 m

21. VK2JNG/8 Gerard

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