Saturday, 16 July 2016

Nangar National Park VKFF-0379

On the way home to Canberra after holidays up North popped into Nangar National Park for a quick WWFF activation. Nangar National Park is East of the small town of Eugowra in Central West NSW. Drove from Eugowra along the Escort Way for 11 Km until reaching the turnoff to the park

The park is accessed by Dripping Rock Rd. Map courtesy of Openstreetmap

The road is unsealed but okay for 2WD vehicles. After a short drive entered the park.

A short drive later reached a sign with information on the park. Due to limited time decided to skip visiting Dripping Rock Homestead and head for Terarra Creek Camping area, as this would have picnic tables for operating radio from...

The road to Terarra Creek Camping area crosses Terarra Creek several times, think I counted about 12 creek crossings... although they were all fairly easy, most having a concrete base to drive on, and not a great deal of water flow.

Reached the camping area. Quite pleasant with grassy areas, picnic tables, fireplaces and the Terarra Creek nearby, wouldn't mind returning in warmer times to camp here. Set up the radio and squid pole on one of the tables.

Shack on the table. Bit of a morning tea break here as well.

Got on 40 m. Found VK2KYO/3 Ken on doing a park activation of Tocumwal Regional Park, VKFF-0978, so worked him for a Park to Park contact. Then got called by Matt VK1MA who kindly spotted me. I had no mobile coverage here at all...

Usual chasers from VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4 and VK5.  Made a SOTA contact with Tony VK3CAT/p on VK3/VN-030 Mt Strickland

After 25 contacts packed up as still had a bit of a drive back to Canberra.

Stations worked

1. VK2KYO/3  Ken  VKFF-0978
2. VK1MA  Matt
3. VK3AFW  Ron
4. VK2IO          Gerard
5. VK4HA  Rick
6. VK4RF  Rick
7. VK5BJE  John
8. VK2HHA  Dennis
9. VK7CW  Steve
10. VK3PF  Peter
11. VK4AAC/3 Rob
12. VK3PMG  Mick
13. VK3GGG  Mick
14. VK5EE  Tom
15. VK3ARH  Allen
16. VK5PAS  Paul
17. VK3MRH  Ron
18. VK2XXM  Robert
19. VK2FDAV  Dave
20. VK1AD  Andrew
21. VK1NAM  Andrew
22. VK3UH  Ken
23. VK3MCK  Don
24. VK2HPN  Phil
25. VK3CAT/P Tony VK3/VN-030

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