Sunday, 7 December 2014

SOTA VK2/ST-053 Mt Mundoonen

An update of VK2 summits submitted by Andrew, VK1DA/VK2UH was approved by SOTA MT on 1st December. I noticed one of the new summits approved was Mt Mundoonen, VK2/ST-053. I had visited this summit before geocaching, so knew it was an easy one to activate.

Mt Mundoonen is close to the Hume Highway to the East of Yass. Drove to the Hume Highway via the Barton Highway, and after a few Km the road rises and passes to the South of Mt Mundoonen. Take the turnoff "Sheldricks Lane" on the left. Note if you are driving on the highway speed limit, 110 km/hr this will appear quickly with not much warning, so slow down as you climb the hill. The turnoff is right on the crest of the hill.

After you cross the cattle grid there is the old Hume Highway running parallel to the new one. This is a nice safe area to park.

Just ahead is the sign for Mundoonen Reserve. Note the "Authorised Vehicles Only". Nothing mentioned about walking, so started walking up the trail.

The road is initially dirt. After going to the left, up and to the right it does become sealed.

Fairly easy walking along the road, not that steep.

After about 15 minutes reached the top. Air Services towers and other towers visible

Just past the Air Services towers was the trig,

Close up of the nameplate, "Mundoonen". Another Central Mapping Authority trig.

As per most trigs, a good place to mount a squid pole. Put up the squid pole and antennas.

Another view of the SOTA station.

Set up the SOTA shack in the shade of the trig, as not much shade around and getting warm. Note the thermos for tea. I knew it was a short walk so worth the effort carrying it here...

Excellent mobile coverage here on the mobile Telstra network, suspect their tower on the same hill.

Saw an alert from Andrew, VK1NAM/p on VK1/AC-037 Mt Taylor on 2m SSB, so started on this band using the 2m vertical ribbon antenna for an S2S. Andrew was quite strong at around 60 Km away...Worked a couple more VK1s, VK1BG and VK1KW, good strong signals from North Canberra.

Switched to 40m, signals there were not so good...VK2s in Sydney hearing me okay but the VK3s struggling with low signals and lots of QSB. Got a weak S2S call, worked Glenn VK3YY on VK3/VN-001. Activating in a bothy bag, raining :(

Worked Andrew VK1NAM/p again on 40m. Later on another S2S with Mitch, VK3XDM/7 on VK7/NW-046. Nice to get another VK7 summit in the log. Another S2S with Kevin, VK3KAB/p on VK3/VN-002, with rain.

Switched to 20m, working Andrew VK1NAM/p yet again, with a good signal.Worked Paul VK2KTT near Coffs Harbour with a good strong signal, but no-one else.

Packed up and headed home for lunch.

Track log of walk

Track profile, about 1.2 Km each way with a 110 m climb.


  1. Thanks for the summit to summit from Mt Torbreck!

  2. No worries Glenn, good to catch you for an S2S!