Saturday, 27 December 2014

SOTA VK2/SM-090 Cathcart Trig TS1437

After spending the Christmas break at by brother's place at Pambula Beach, I checked the SOTA map for likely peaks to try activating on the way home. I initially went to activate VK2/SC-022 Wolumla Peak, but managed to miss the road turnoff. Suspect it was a road that had the sign removed, but didn't try it as not not sure where it would take me.

So continued on to the next one I had planned, VK2/SM-090 Cathcart Trig. This is reached via the Cathcart Trig Road off the Mount Darragh Road

Cathcart Trig Road is unsealed but okay for 2WD vehicles. Despite the name it does not go to Cathcart Trig...Drove as close as the road got to the peak, around 400 m, and parked and walked.

After a cleared bit of scrub entered the bush. Light scrub, easy walking

My GPS had problems getting a lock, however navigation easy enough, just headed  up the highest hill...

Reached the trig, a large pile of rocks and a post with a large black disk on top. My GPS finally locked in satellites after arriving...

Set up the squid pole on a nearby stump. Dipole legs strung out to trees

Shack on the tarp

Got on 40 m. After sorting out the antenna (I had the links set to 20 m, doh...) good signals from chasers in VK1, VK2 and VK3. No S2S contacts though. As getting late in the day and still some distance to drive home packed up after 18 contacts.

Track log of walk

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