Saturday, 27 December 2014

SOTA VK2/SM-093 Livingstone Hill

While chatting to Andrew VK2UH on my Cathcart Trig activation, he suggested I try Livingstone Hill, VK2/SM-093 on the drive home. This is located close to the Monaro Highway, near the town of Michelago. Turned off the highway onto Mt Livingstone Rd

This is unsealed but okay for 2WD cars. Communication towers on top

Drove up the road to a gate with the access track to the towers behind. This is private property, as per instructions from Andrew VK2UH I left a note on my dashboard that I was doing a SOTA activation, with my name and mobile number to call for the owner. Set off along the access road, about 500 m from the summit

This is a sheep property, struck a mob of sheep on the track who moved on to let me continue

Reached the top. Terrific views from the trig. Looking East to the Tinderries Range. Some 10 point summits there...

Looking North past the communications towers towards Canberra

Looking South towards Cooma

Set up the squid pole on the trig. Not a lot to tie the ends of the dipole to, used a small bush for one end and a rock for the other

Dipole on the squid pole with the Tinderries behind. A great peak with nothing in the way

Some wind had come up so set up the shack on the tarp behind the trig, out of the wind.

As a prime antenna site and late in the day 40 m was excellent, most signals 59+ from VK1, VK2 and VK3. Also worked a couple of VK7s, VK7TW and VK7PAK with good signals. 

Tried 20 m, after working my regular 20 m chaser, Nev VK5WG got called by EA2IF who gave me a 43 signal, he was 55, not bad for 5W! Also a very strong signal from Greg VK8GM in Alice Springs.

As starting to get cold in the wind and very late in the day packed up and headed home. Made it home around 8 pm

Track log of walk

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