Wednesday 31 December 2014

SOTA Box Ridge VK2/SM-065

This summit was suggested to me by Andrew VK3BQ as a nice easy one to activate close to Jindabyne. From Jindabyne drove South on Barry Way, turning off to the left into Gullies Road. Initially sealed, turns to dirt later. Note this road runs past another SOTA peak, VK2/SM-064 Jillamatong Hill. This looked like it was on private property. Came to a junction, took Thorneybush Road on the left. This is marked as a Private Road.

A short distance later reached an unlocked property gate. A warning about No responsibility from owner no insurance. Also a warning about a locked gate 3 Km ahead. Andrew had advised me this is not locked.

After passing a property and climbing up a ridge reached the gate, open.

Continued on the road. A sign indicating entering Paupong Nature Reserve. Here I encountered a couple of young trail bike riders, they seemed surprised to see me...Also a 4WD driving up. The road down the hill was rough, lots of large rocks, but not too bad to need 4WD. It improved at the bottom.

Passed the park ranger, who also looked surprised to see me. Think this road does not get much traffic...Reached a road junction, Thornybush Trail with Paupong Trail. and Ventnor Trail. Parked and walked down Thorneybush Trail and back up to leave and enter the activation zone, only a short walk from here to the summit.

Followed Paupong Trail to the top of the hill. Not that steep.

The activation zone was quite large with the road running over the highest point. Used a Telstra cable warning sign on the side of the road for squid pole and dipole support.

Forgot to actually photograph the antenna! Anyway this is where it was, dipole parallel to the road

Got on 40 m. The band was in good condition, signals from VK1, VK2 and VK3 very strong, with even VK5 and VK7 good copy. I had Justin VK7TW a good 58 from Hobart! No S2S contacts though, a bit late in the day.

Tried 20 m, only 1 contact, Andrew VK3BQ/2 at Thredbo Diggings nearby.

Packed up and headed back to Jindabyne for New Years Eve celebrations.

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