Friday, 2 May 2014

World Wide Flora and Fauna WWFF Award and Log4OM

Noticed Log4OM included the World Wide Flora and Fauna Award, so decided to investigate this award system further. After finding the Logsearch page at and getting registered and logging in, found I have already qualified for the basic 10 parks award!

17 Australian Parks worked and even 1 DL park I had worked on 20m JT65 and did not know it!

Applied for the basic award, arrived promptly

Downloaded the list of stations worked in Excel. Lots of park activators I recognized from SOTA activations...The good thing about a lot of SOTA peaks is that they also happen to be in National Parks, so can be points for both award systems.

Fairly simple matter of finding the station worked in my Log4OM log, then Update QSO, Awards Tab and pick the WWF Award, then pick the park code from the drop down list. Make sure to hit the "+" button on the right to add the park to the Current QSO References. I forgot this a couple of times and wondered why not recorded...

To view parks WWFF parks worked, select Utilities, Statistics and Awards, AWARDs tab, Others Sub Tab, select WWF: World Wide Flora and Fauna from the award list and Open.


Found the WWFF parks list is out of date, only went up to VKFF-573. You will need to visit the Log4OM forum and download the latest WWFF list in a file called award_WFF.xml Copy and replace old old file under C:\Users\"your profile"\AppData\Roaming\LogOM\awards. (For Windows 7)

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