Saturday, 10 May 2014

VK3FI 473 Khz Beacon

Having read a few articles online about an experimental beacon on 743 Khz by VK3FI in Mildura, decided to try listening out for it.

As I don't have an antenna for this low a frequency, used a trick I have used before to listen for AM broadcast stations. Just pull the PL259 coax plug half way out and use the center conductor only, on half a 40m dipole, works a treat on low frequencies if you don't need to transmit.

Heard the CW beacon ID on 473.6 Khz LSB (473 Khz CW) not moving the S meter but Q5, series of Vs and the call VK3FI. Not bad for around 600 Km West of Canberra. This was around 11pm local time.

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