Saturday, 17 May 2014

SOTA WARC bands dipole

In preparation for activating Devils Peak, VK2/ST-003, knocked up another linked dipole for the WARC bands, namely 30 m for local VK work and 12 m for the SOTA 12 m challenge.

Set up the dipole in the front driveway on the squid pole.

As per my 20/40m linked dipole, used a small ruler as the link support. In this case a wooden one.

The local electronics store was out of small alligator clips, so just twisted the 2 wire ends together to make the link. Worked well enough. SWR on 12 m was around 1.2:1, on 30 m was 1:1 across the whole band :)

The 4 wire winders for the 2 linked dipoles, 12/30m on the left, 20/40m on the right.

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