Sunday, 11 May 2014

30m Dipole

After working another SOTA station on 30m, VK2YK, figured it was time to make a proper antenna for this band instead of the makeshift tuning up the 40 m dipole through the tuner :)

Using a calculator on the web worked out the dipole leg lengths for a frequency of 10.120 Mhz (calling frequency) and 14 degree slope at 6.977 m. Cut the legs just a little longer than this.

Attached the 30 m legs to the balun, red wires, along with 20 m (brown) and 40 m dipoles (black)

Ran one leg to the TV antenna support mast at the front of the house, using yellow nylon cord.

Ran the other leg to a branch of a large tree down the back yard.

Tried tuning up, SWR about 1.2:1 across the whole band! :) Not often I get an antenna to work without some cutting to tune.

To test it, ran JT65. Lots of EU stations on. Worked EA4DBS without too much worry, he gave me -21dB receiving him -8 dB. So receiving well. Lots of digital QRM on 30 m though so a hard band for DX. Anyway should do well for 30 m SOTA chasing.

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