Monday, 10 March 2014

SOTA Activation Yankee Ned Hill

For the Canberra Day Monday public holiday decided to activate some new SOTA summits. As I haven't activated any VK2/SW (South West Slopes) summits before looked up 4 nearby ones and set off.

To get to these summits requires crossing the Brindabellas to the West of Canberra, climbing from around 700 m in town to 1200 m at Bulls Head, then descending down to Brindabella valley at 600 m, then climbing again to the summits area at 1200 m, most of this on a narrow winding dirt road...So took me almost 2 hours to get to the first summit, Yankee Ned Hill. Seen here on the right of the road. The Brindabella road, which changes from dirt to sealed here runs through the gap on the left.

At the gap the road descends, on the right are 2 dirt roads that go around the summit.

I tried driving down the left one, reversed out again as it looked pretty rough... As only about a Km from the summit decided to save the car and walk instead.

The road took me around the summit but not up it. Cut through the bush using old logging trails. Lots of blackberries to look out for. This led me to a higher up road, which ran out, then just scrub bashed to the top. Lots of stumps and small pine trees. The rounded peak on the right is Mt Coree, VK1/AC-023.

Used one of the small pines to support the squid pole

Got some shade at the base of the pine for operating. The mountain close by in the background is Mt Tumorramah, my next peak.

Small pines make good support for dipole ends too! Looking South to the snowy mountains.

Got on 40 m. First contact a S2S with Al VK1RX/2 on VK2/ST-029. Band quite good, worked my way through the large pileup...Worked another S2S with Mark, VK1MDC on VK1/AC-034, and worked him again after the UTC day rollover. Packed up at 11:30 am and returned he same way to the car.

Track log of walk.

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