Monday, 10 March 2014

SOTA Activation Mount Tumorrama

After activating Yankee Ned Hill returned to the car and drove down Brindabella Road, turning off onto Cockatoo Road, which runs around the Western side of Mount Tumorrama.

Running off Cockatoo Road to the right and up the mountain is Tumorrama Trig Road

Followed this road up to a turnoff to the right, Lookout Tower Road

Then as I approached the lookout tower parked and walked up into the activation zone. There is a trig here near the tower, like others I have encountered beheaded :( Vanes nearby.

Close up of the trig name plate.

I could have used the trig for a squid pole support, however it was warm in the sun so found a close by sapling to use as a squid pole support, and get some shade for operating. A handy log for the radio and another log for a seat.

Ran the 40 m dipole legs out to a couple of nearby saplings. 

Got on 40 m, started with a S2S with Nick VK3ANL on VK3/VU-011. Worked through the usual chasers, plus another S2S with Mark VK1MDC on VK1/AC-040. Total of 17 contacts. Had lunch and packed up to go to the next summit.

View over the pine plantations on the way down.

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