Saturday, 22 March 2014

SOTA reactivation Isaacs Ridge with EU DX

Saw an alert on Sotawatch for Mike, 2E0YYY doing an activation of G/SP-017, so on the spur of the moment decided to try s S2S contact from Isaacs Ridge, VK1/AC-041.

My last activation there was a disaster, S8 of noise all over 40 m and I broke my squid pole :(
However after finding out from Andrew, VK1NAM that 20 m was noise free there decided to give it another go.

As per last time walked in from the access road off Long Gully Road

After about a 15 minute walk reached the top track. Instead of going South towards the noisy towers went North to a spot Andrew operated from. Used the same sign for squid pole support

Ran one 20 m dipole leg to a thorny bush and the other leg to a pine tree. Didn't bother about a 40 m antenna, a check showed still S8 of noise all over the band...

Set up the radio at the base of the sign.

Got on 20 m and managed to work Mike, 2E0YYY on G/SP-017 for an S2S!

Then went on to work several of the usual crowd of EU chasers, G0RQL, G4UXH, G4OBK and G6TUH among them. Also VK1MBE, and some of the VK5 and VK6 guys. The VK5s were really strong, Paul VK5PAS was 59+. Ended working Rod VK2LAX/4 with a good signal.Worked no VK2s or VK3s, and my first solely on 20 m.

Sun was setting around 7 pm, so packed up while still some light left and headed down. Last shot of the station:

Sunset over the Brindabellas to the West.

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