Tuesday, 25 February 2014

SOTA reactivation Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037 with EU DX

After last Tuesday's good SOTA DX session into Europe Andrew VK1NAM indicated he would activate Mt Majura on Tuesday, I joined in with an activation of Mt Taylor, VK1/AC-037.

Went up as per my previous activation via the walking track at the end of Waldock St Chifley.

Then climbed up the Summit FT

A short but steep climb. Some good views behind, looking North towards Woden and Black Mountain

After about 20 minutes walking reached the trig.

Initially set up the dipole on 40m. Worked 7 chasers including S2S with Andrew, VK1NAM on Mt Majura Vk1/AC-034.

After about half an hour pulled down the 40m dipole and replaced it with 20m. One of the legs didn't quite make a nearby tree, so tied the support cord to a log.While there a mountain bike rider did a limbo under the wire...Lots of pedestrian activity with joggers and dog walkers going past. Some fitness fanatics did pull ups on the trig.

Got on 20m. Conditions not as hectic as last activation on Mt Ainslie, able to pick out callers one at a time instead of a massive pileup...Worked G, OE, DL, VK6 and OM. S2S contacts with 2E0YYY Mike on G/SP-013 again, and OE9HRV Herbert on OE/VB-509. Total of 10 EU contacts.

Finished with a local S2S with Andrew, VK1DA on 2m FM on Black Mountain VK1/AC-042

Packed up at sunset and headed back down and home for dinner.

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