Monday, 23 December 2013

SOTA Bronze Mountain Hunter Award

After making contact with Nick, VK3ANL/4 on Mt Coolum VK4/SE-114 this gave me 2 contacts in VK4, and completing SOTA award "Mountain Hunter", Bronze.

To qualify for this award you need to work 2 SOTA Activators in 5 Associations, which for me was 5 VK call areas.

Mountain Hunter Award (all bands) Status = Bronze

Association(s) Chased All BandsCount
VK1 - Australia - Capital Territory34
VK2 - Australia - NSW45
VK3 - Australia - Victoria121
VK4 - Australia - Queensland2
VK5 - Australia - South Australia19

Contact was on 20m. My only other VK4 contact was early in the morning on 40m. VK4 is difficult to work, over 1000 km away and at the limit for 40m daytime contacts, more suited for higher bands.

Update. The award arrived in the email, here it is


  1. Congratulations Ian persistence has paid off. A mighty fine effort for a very attractive award. 73 Andrew, VK1NAM

  2. Thanks Andrew. VK4 has been hard to contact for me.
    Now for the Mountain Explorer Award, activating 2 summits in 5 Associations. Need to visit VK4 to achieve this...Winter should be good :)