Friday, 20 December 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008

Noticed on SOTAwatch an alert by Dave, VK4OZY for a VK4 summit, as I've only had one VK4 SOTA summit QSO so far decided to chase from Mt Ginini, and escape the summer heat at the same time. Mt Ginini is over 1700m and should be cooler than the 37c day forecast in Canberra.

As I left home the temperature was already approaching 30c mid morning, as I climbed up the Brindabella Road it dropped to around 25c, by Mt Ginini summit was a comfy 23c. Only problem was the wind, very strong.

Set up the squid pole on a copper log as per my last activation. For a bit of comfort set up a tent fly on the ground and sat in the shade of a nearby tree.

Got on 40m. There was a spot for VK4OZY, Dave on 7.095 but nothing heard. Called on 7.090, got a few chasers, then Peter, VK3PF came up on VK3/VE-189, Mt Baranduda for a S2S. Went on to work chasers again after the UTC rollover. After one contact the squid pole fell over in a wind gust. Had to go clear and fix it with another bungy cord and a rock at the base.

Saw Peter VK3PF QSY to 30m. The night before had quickly measured up a 30m dipole, hooked this up. SWR not perfect but good enough to operate. Had a weak signal contact with Peter, my first SOTA contact on this band! Later on saw Dave VK4OZY had gone to 20m. Hooked up the 20m dipole but it showed high VSWR, so could only listen. Heard Dave and Peter on 20m but no contact.

Headed back down after noon as getting warm even up here...

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