Friday, 13 December 2013

SOTA Activation Black Mountain VK1/AC-042

As had a day off work and some SOTA activations around 12:30pm local decided to do some S2S chasing from Black Mountain.

As per my last activation here parked in the car park mid way up the mountain and walked up to the summit.

The track ends just near the Black Mountain Telstra Tower

Instead of operating at the lookout with the direction marker like last time I decided to operate a bit further up the road, using a track marker for a squid pole support. This gave me a bit of shade under a gum tree.

It also meant got some traffic going past from walkers and joggers...fairly hard to avoid up here as a popular place to walk.

Found it a bit harder to get the dipole clear of trees, probably go back to my old activation spot next time.
Got on 40m, worked S2S VK1NAM Andrew and VK1RX Al on nearby Mt Ainslie, VK1/AC-040, then VK2FPJR Phil on Mt Alexandra VK2/IL-005. Then 6 of the regular chasers. As getting warm packed up just after 1pm. Checking Sotawatch later seems I missed another S2S with VK5TX but about 15 minutes...

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  1. Hi Ian
    Thanks for the summit to summit contact, a lovely afternoon for a SOTA activation. Al and I left Mt Ainslie 5 minutes before you, we also missed making a contact with Ben.
    Andrew ,VK1NAM