Friday, 27 December 2013

SOTA Activation Mogood Lookout VK2/SC-049

Looked like a nice day down the South Coast so decided to activate a couple of minor SOTA peaks. VK2/SC-049 Mogood and VK2/SC-050 Mt Boyne

These are both in a large forested area North of Batemans Bay running up to Morton National Park. From Canberra drove down the Kings Highway part way down Clyde Mountain , turning into Black Flat Rd. Then  The River Road, Drurys Rd and Clyde Ridge Rd. Just before Mogood noticed a sign for Bimberamala National Park

Stopped at the turnoff to Mogood Lookout and started walking, about 40m below the summit.

A steep walk up the road, but not long.

Reached the Lookout. There is a Trig in a nice grassy area and a gum tree nearby. Panoramic 360 degree views. Looking West to the Clyde Range

Mogood Trig

Tied the squid pole to the trig and ran one leg of the 40m dipole out to the tree, the other to a small sapling on the other side.

Looking North to the Budawangs

Set up the shack at the base of the trig. Not much shade, used the trig to keep the sun off the FT817.

Got on 40m. Most signals were good, probably helps to have a top operating spot like this...S2S contacts with Peter VK3PF on VK2/RI-006, Andrew VK1NAM on Mt Stromlo, VK3KAB Kevin and VK3ATB Trevor on Mt Tamboritha. Also worked Paul VK5PAS in Scott Conservation Park. Made 13 contacts before the sun got too much and packed it in around noon. Track log of drive only, hand held GPS had flat batteries...

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