Thursday, 13 June 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Remarkable VK5/NE-010

After an overnight stay at Port Pirie drove to Melrose at the base of Mt Remarkable. Could see the top was covered with cloud, so not sure if it would be just mist or rain...anyway, about to find out.

After driving through a creek crossing and through a camping area got to the start of the 6 Km walk to the summit.

Some rocky scree slopes on the way. About half way up saw the wreckage of a 1980 light aircraft crash. Not a lot left.

After about 5 km the track joins a fire trail, now an easy 700 m walk to the top.

Got to the top after about a hour and a half walk. Very large pile of rocks on top.

The nearby sign

Behind the sign a rather battered old trig

After having lunch and having just set up the 20m/40m dipoles the light mist suddenly became rain...before making a single call! Quickly place the radio in the pack and hooked it up so could still use it.

At least it was dry, even if myself and the log book were not...Managed to make 10 contacts, including an S2S with Ron VK3AFW/5 on Mt Lofty, also having rain problems. Looked for Paul VK5PAS but didn't hear him when I was operating. Only got on air for about half an hour before the rain and cold got to me. I had a brief listen on 20m, signals from Europe were booming in, pity didn't have a chance to work them.

The Quid pole I mounted on a Heysen Trail marker.

Legs of the dipoles tied to a nearby park gate.

The other legs tied to some trees.

Got back down in a bit over an hour, the rain did ease off a bit but still persisted. As per Paul's VK5PAS blog suggestion stayed at the Melrose Holiday Units, and had a nice dinner in the Mt Remarkable Hotel.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    Apparently I missed you by about 20 minutes. My 1st QSO from Pillaworta Hill was with Ron VK3AFW on the top of Mt Lofty, and he did mention that he had worked you, but you might have already gone because of the weather.
    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Melrose. It's a pretty spot and it is certainly a good feed at the Mt Remarkable Hotel. I have a mate who is looking at buying that pub and he wanted to send me in there as the Manager. I guess life could be harder !
    Best 73,