Sunday, 16 June 2013

Attempted SOTA Activation Binya Peak Wilpena Pound

After stopping overnight at Wilpena Pound headed off to try and do the nearest SOTA summit Binya Peak, VK5/NE-015. The plan was to head up Mount Ohlssen Bagge, using a walking track, then cut cross country to Binya Peak.

Took the main Wilpena Pound road and after a short walk took the turnoff to Ohlssen Bagge on the left, 2.45 Km to the summit

After a short while the track climbed steeply

The track followed the cliff lines and climbed steadily upwards, switchbacking. After about an hour and a half go to the summit.

Headed to the end of the track and bush bashed over to get a good look at Binya Peak. This is when I found  it would have been too hard, there was a massive drop off and then a solid climb up, with scrub...The GPS showed about a km away. Behind it are SOTA summits Mt Karrawara and Mt Bonney, all look equally as hard :(

So not a complete waste of carting the SOTA gear up here decided to do some chasing. Set up the station just below the summit of Ohlssen Bagge. Looking South to the 3 SOTA peaks

Looking North. SOTA summit St Mary Peak on the right.

Looking down into the pound

Set up the FT817 on the rocks.

Got on 40 m. As in Flinders Ranges NP was worth a couple of points to VK5 stations after the VK5 Parks award. Worked a few VK5s, quite strong. Worked Paul, VK5PAS in Whyalla Conservation Park with good signals. I was interesting tuning around 40m here, VK6 stations were really strong, but surprisingly several VK3s were too...

Managed to work SOTA stations Glenn, VK3YY on VC-006 and Kevin VK3KAB on VT-006. These gave me 6 and 10 points, so managed to get to 1000 points, and Shack Sloth status!

Headed back down. Had lunch and headed for Peterborough for the evening.

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