Sunday, 9 June 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Major VK3/VU-011

After finishing Huon Hill activation in Wodonga at 2pm, drove to Mt Major at Dookie, near Shepparton. Arrived at 4pm. The was a locked gate with many padlocks, and a ladder crossing for walkers over the fence.

The sign stated private property, but foot traffic okay. While walking up passed a jogger and several mountain bikes, so seems no real problems with access.

The road curved around to the left and up, with good views to the East

To save some time I avoided a loop in the road and just followed some of the many mountain bike tracks to the top. Quite a forest of TV towers up here.

Not a lot of supports for a squid pole though. Near the summit used a Telstra "Do not dig" sign for supporting it. Seen on the left here.

Set up the squid pole and tied the ends of the 40m dipole to a couple of rocks on the ground.

Got on 40m and started a huge pileup...Most signals from VK1, VK2 and VK3 were S9++, very strong. Guess the flatness of the surrounding area and the time of day, sunset, helped. Finished the last of the pileup at 5pm, just on sunset.Worked 21 stations. Walked back down in the twilight and drove to Shepparton for the night.

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