Sunday, 9 June 2013

SOTA Activation Huon Hill VK3/VE-237

I've taken some annual leave to drive over to South Australia, to go walking in the Flinders Ranges, naturally grabbing a few SOTA peaks along the way.

First day drove down to Huon Hill, a SOTA peak close to Wodonga.

Arrived at the Huon Hill reserve. The signs could do with updating, worn and tatty.

Some good views out to Albury

Also good views to Hume Weir

The road goes up to a lookout then on to the summit trig, the lookout was actually the SOTA summit on my GPS.

The SOTA lookout

Just near the lookout was a stump and log. Strapped the squid pole to the stump and used the log as a radio desk.

Strung out the 40m dipole out to a couple of rocks.

Worked 18 stations on 40m, including S2S contacts with VK3ZPF/VK3YY, VK3WAM, VK3FDTJ and VK3MRG. As I was packing up a fellow ham came up, VK2PSW, Peter who had a dual HT and had come up to try it out. I told him about SOTA so may have a convert... Left for next activation, Mt Major


  1. Hi Ian
    Just to clarify my call sign for your blog,
    it's VK2PSW
    Safe travels for SOTA
    Peter VK2PSW

  2. Thanks Peter,

    Never a good memory for calls :)

    Nice to meet you on Huon Hill. Sorry could'nt chat for long as I had to rush off to do Mt Major...
    Maybe hear you doing a SOTA activation some time?

    73 Ian VK1DI/5