Sunday, 3 February 2013

SOTA Activation Mt Ainslie 843m

Drove up Mt Ainslie and parked off the final bend in the road before the summit. From the map I had estimated this to be outside the activation zone, a check of the GPS showed just on 800m, so over the 25m limit. Walked up the road, getting a few odd looks from joggers and cyclists as I had on a weekend pack with a pole sticking out of it :)

Reached the summit car park

Note the sign says 846m. Listed on SOTA as 843m, guess close enough :) The road runs in a loop about the actual summit in the middle, which is where I headed for.
The mast at the end is the navigation/warning light for Canberra airport. Beyond is the tourist lookout over Canberra.

There was a locked metal pole thing at the summit, like Mt Majura. Suspect contains a suryeying GPS system. Like Mt Majura I used this as a base for the 40m dipole.

FT817 portable SOTA shack

Started on 2m, worked several locals and then switched to 40m. Found Al, VK1RX on Mt Tuggeranong, also Andrew VK1NAM on Mt Coree so some S2S contacts. Worked heaps of VK1s, Vk3s, and a VK5 and a VK7. Total of 28 contacts. A few tourists and joggers wandered past, had a chat to one who wanted to know what I was doing, gave him a brief rundown on SOTA. Seemed to quieten down around noon so packed up and went home for lunch. An enjoyable morning playing portable radio.

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