Monday, 11 February 2013

Kyneton Centre Victoria RadioFest

Sunday 10th February 2013

After travelling down from Canberra Saturday stopped overnight at Kyneton in a motel in Piper St, close to where the Radiofest was on. At 8:30 am went outside the motel room and managed to work Wayne, VK3WAM/P on VK3/VC-007 Mt Macedon, about an S5 in the ht. New to hear him on 2m instead of a crackly signal on 40m...Got to the Kyneton Racecourse at 9 am, to get tickets, but had to wait until 10 am for it to open.

Gee it was cold! After up to 35c yesterday driving down, the wind in the morning was icy and the car thermometer read only 14c... I was caught out as only had a thin short sleeved shirt, saw a few others who had the same attire. Luckily I had an old jumper left in the car.

Gates opened at 10am and wandered inside.

Not having met any of the SOTA activators before I wandered about until finding the SOTA display. Finally met some fellow SOTA activators, VK3AFW, VK3HRA, VK3JY, VK3YY, VK3XBC and possibly others, sorry if I missed anyone. Just before 10:30 am Wayne VK3WAM showed up, recognized his voice... I went to his talk in the lecture room upstairs.

Wayne gave an informative talk on SOTA, given the 20 minute time limit he covered it pretty well I thought. Very well presented Wayne. A few questions from the audience, might get a few more activators, or at least new chasers joining in SOTA.

Large display of SOTA photos and gear.

Keith Roget Memorial National Park Award

Was good to chat to activators I have worked in person, compare notes on peaks and gear. Later on VK3PF, Peter arrived, and myself and several others picked up some nice 7 m squid poles from him, thanks Peter! He also demonstrated a portable SOTA 2m yagi, very neat, although I had to duck for cover when it came down rather suddenly :)

Looked around at the other stuff on sale but didn't get anything else. Left at noon as I had a long drive home.
Drove back up the Hume Highway, no activations this time. After dinner at Yass Junction got home about 8pm so a good days drive. Think I did about 650 Km each way.

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