Saturday, 16 February 2013

SOTA Activation Black Mountain 812m

Set off this morning to activate the closest SOTA summit to home, Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042, a mere 5Km away or a 10 minute drive...

This summit is a well known Canberra landmark, having a large communications tower, restaurant and observation deck for tourist on top.

Drove into the car park part of the way up, out of the activation zone

GPS showed 768m at the car park. The peak is at 812m so well clear of the 25m zone.

You can see the track to the top through the bush and the tower on top. Set out on the track, got to the top after a few minutes walk.

APRS track log of the walk.

The summit area used to have a view, however over time the trees have grown up so not much of a view now days  most tourists head up the tower.

Black Mountain summit "view"

Tried 2m ht, nothing...RF overload from the tower. So used the FT817 and the standard whip to work 2m. Made 6 2m contacts, including S2S contacts with VK1NAM Mt Stromlo,  VK1NUT, VK1FSTJ Isaacs Ridge and VK1RX Booroombra Rocks.

Lashed the squid pole to the guard rail, and ran the legs to some of the rail and a nearby tree. A 7m squid pole got a few strange looks from passing tourists! Used the summit distance guide as a handy operating table.

Went on 40m, after some connection problems got going and worked 6 stations before new UTC day and 7 more in the new day, although several of these were repeats. Worked another S2S on 40m, VK3KAN Rick on Flinders Peak. Also caught up with Jack, VK2AXL in Coffs Harbour, who was very pleased to be working a few more SOTA contacts.

Telstra Tower.

Packed up around noon and headed down to nearby Civic for lunch with the girlfriend.

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