Friday, 1 February 2013

SOTA Activation 1st VK1 Mt Majura 890m

SOTA VK1 started today! Stuck at work popped into a spare meeting room with the 2m ht and managed to work Andrew VK1DA on Mt Taylor and VK1MA Matt on Mt Stromlo. There were others on but out of my meager hand held's range...

Managed to get away from work early in the afternoon to activate Mt Majura, VK1/AC-034 for my 1st VK1 SOTA summit. For outside VK1 this summit is close to the city and hosts the radar for Canberra airport. Arrived in Hackett at the start of the walk just as a thunderstorm was starting...Waited but didn't stop so set off anyway, only light rain and lightning not too close by.

After about 40 minutes reached the summit trig. Just near the trig was a locked metal round thing, used this to support the 40m dipole and the concrete base made a nice operating table.

The old mouse mat is to sit on, beats hard ground :) Set up my 40m dipole and supported the legs using a couple of nearby trees.

A call on 2m worked VK1HBB and his ham family, plus a few more locals, 6 contacts on 2m. Tried 40m, my old dry joint was back...managed to jiggle a connection and got it going. Worked another 8 stations on 40m, VK1/VK3 and VK5CZ in amongst the static crashes.

Could see more rain coming from my elevated position so headed back down, just made the car before rain started again.

Ran APRS on my android phone, track as follows.

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