Monday, 31 December 2012

SOTA Activation VK3/VE-098 Mt Porepunkah

Mon 31st Dec 2012 midday

Drove from Falls Creek down to Mt Beauty, Bright and Porepunkah. Took a while to find the Mt Porepunkah Rd.

Drove up to the junction with the road and the access road to the tower and started walking into the activation zone. When I got to the top found the Fire spotter on duty, had parked right next to the trig so couldn't use it for a support. Had a bit of a chat to the Fire Spotter guy, he does lots of scanning, was interested in my radio activity. Couldn't scan HF though.

The tree on the other side of the tower had a likely branch, so threw a rope over and hoisted up the 40 m dipole. It also offered some shade :)

Legs of the dipole were tied to a couple of rocks. Whole thing quite low, not the best...

First contact was of course Peter VK3PF/P close by on Mt Big Ben. Worked 4 more chasers, then hung about with Peter to catch VK3YY/P Glenn on Mt Torbreck for another 3 way summit QSO. No signals real strong but didn't expect much with my setup.

At this stage my 4A SLA battery was almost flat, so packed up and drove down and back to Canberra.

A short video of the summit:

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