Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hot day, some JT65 DX

A hot summers day today, 34c with hot NW winds. Went for a walk early in the morning to beat the heat up to "The Pinnacle", a local reserve. GPS on phone showed walked a bit over 4Km. I use a program called Endomondo on my Android phone to track my walks, have done over 1100 Km so far this year.

Bands were in poor shape. 10m was dead...Managed to work a couple of fellow VKs on 15m, plus a Philipines station, on JT65, a new country for me on this band. I'm not that active on 15m as don't really have a proper antenna for it, by luck my 40m dipole loads up on 15m okay but is probably not too efficient. Okay around the pacific but hard to work USA or Europe on it.

Later on in the day a summer storm formed and cooled the temperature down a bit. Managed to work Poland on  JT65  on my 20m dipole, running 30w, another new country on 20m for me.