Saturday, 29 December 2012

SOTA Activation VK3/VE-004 Mt Nelse

Sun 29th Feb 2012

Drove out of Falls Creek past Rocky Valley dam along the Bogong High Plains Rd until I saw the sign to Mt Nelse. As there were several cars parked there I assumed this was the start of the walk.

After about a Km found the real car park, a locked gate and walks register book with heaps more cars, oh well, good warm up...

After signing the register continued along the road for a while, turned left at a junction then after a while spotted Mt Nelse, a rounded peak

The road climbed up to within 400 m of the summit, then walked off road across the snow daisies to the summit. Found another destroyed/flattened trig and a rocky cairn.

Considered using the trig pole but the rocky cairn looked a bit higher. Wedged the extension pole in the rocks and laid out the 40 m dipole legs to a couple of rocks.

Perched the FT817ND on a rock and worked  Peter VK3PF/P Mt Granya first, then a few more chasers. Had Allen VK3HRA/P Pyramid Hill come up for a 3 way S2S contact with him and Peter. Pleasant chatting, although would have liked some shade, very exposed. Good view of nearby Mt Bogong. Worked 8 stations before packing up and heading back to the car.

Video of some of the S2S2S contact with Peter and Allen

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