Monday, 7 January 2013

VK1DI's QSOs for the year 2012

Now that 2012 is over thought I'd take a look at my Ham Radio QSO statistics (I'm a bit of a stats lover :))

Exported all 2012 QSOs from Ham Radio Deluxe into an Adif file, used a free program called AdifMaster to read this file and copied the data into Excel.

Then just a matter of using Pivot Tables to pull out the following:

You can see 10m is my favourite band :) 40m is also getting used a lot. In the winter evenings it is often the only band useful for DX. Plus SOTA activities recently have made me more active here. I'll chase rare stuff on 20m now and then like most hams. 15m and 80m are not used much due to poor dipole antennas. Must get on the WARC bands some time...

JT65 dominates most of my operating, quite suits low powered 10m contacts. SOTA on 40m is on SSB. The few FM contacts were on 10m FM, disappointed with the lack of sporadic e this season so far.

North American contacts dominate. Easy to work on 40m at night and 10m in the mornings. Oceania and Asia are not hard from Australia :) Other continents getting hard to work from here...

Finally count of contacts per country. USA leads, followed by Australia, then Japan.

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