Thursday, 3 January 2019

WWFF Nimmo Nature Reserve VKFF-2685

After lunch at Cooma headed South West on Kosciuzko Rd, turning off right onto Rocky Plains Rd. Followed this along to the West until reaching the junction with Eucumbene Rd. Turned right and turned off onto a dirt road on the left, Nimmo Rd. After crossing the Eucumbene River turned off onto Harleys Trail. This took me to Nimmo Nature Reserve. No hope of driving into it, a padlocked gate stopping vehicle entry into the park.


I could have climbed over the fence and operated from inside the park on the side of the road, however being a warm day in the low 30c wanted a more shady spot. Headed down the park fence boundary towards the Eucumbene River. Found a nice shady grassy place. Operating spot, map from Protected Planet

Squid pole on the fence, radio on the table nearby. A bit of shade from the trees. Quite a pleasant spot with bird calls from the trees and the nearby river,

Close up of the shack.

Found no mobile coverage here as a fairly isolated area and down in a valley. So got on the parks calling frequency 7.144 Mhz and started calling. Worked VK3MKE, then VK3PF Peter who spotted me, helping me a lot.

A park to park with VK3ZPF/p Peter in VKFF-0971 Kurth Kiln Regional Park.

Then some of the usual park hunters.


As had 12 contacts qualified the park for VKFF. Was getting warm and still some drive to Jindabyne so packed up.

Headed back to Eucumbene Rd, followed this South until joining Kosciuszko Rd and headed to Jindabyne accommodation for the evening.

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