Friday, 4 January 2019

SOTA Mount Perisher VK2/SM-007

After staying overnight at Jindabyne drove to Perisher Valley to climb Mount Perisher for SOTA. A view of the mountain by the sign for the village of Perisher Valley, the mountain just to the right of the sign.

As per other activations stopped at the base of the Eyre T Bar. There is a Cafe there during the summer called Alpine Eyre.

Rather than climb directly up under the shut down T bar walked up a rough access track to the left, avoiding some boggy bits and dense vegetation.

Joined back up with the track under the T bar

A first aid hut used during the ski season, deserted now.

The top of Mount Perisher, as far as all the lifts go.

Theres a rough access track past a radio mast on the right of the summit, took this.

The summit trig on top of Mount Perisher. Noticed there is now a flag placed on top of the trig for the Perisher Valley resort. The old broken trig that was below it was gone. Not the best spot to operate, it was blowing a gale!

Terrific views here. Looking back down over the ski resort.

View to the Snowy mountains range, including Australias highest peak, Mount Kosciuzsko, VK2/SM-001 at 2228 m. Here I was around 2000 m. You can just make out a few patches of snow on the main range.

Looking the other direction towards Geehi.

Got down as far too windy to operate at the summit. Set up the squid pole jammed in some rocks just below the summit.

Laid out the 20m 40 m linked dipole. The squid pole bounced and bent in the wind but stayed up.

Looking at the antenna from just below the summit.

I managed to find a small amount of shade for the radio behind a rock, and a bit of shelter from the wind.

Got on 40 m. I was able to spot myself easily on my phone, suspect there was a mobile tower close by... Worked the following on 40 m SSB.

VK2IO Gerard
VK2LBG Barry
VK3ZPF Peter
VK3SQ Geoff
VK3PF Peter
VK4TJ John
VK2PEZ Andrew
VK2YK/P Adam
VK3HN Paul
VK3ZPF Peter

VK2YK/p Adam was in park VKFF-1410 Port Stephens/Great Lakes Marine Park. A park to park as I was in VKFF-0269 Kosciuzko National Park.

Tried 20 m. It was in good shape, with summer sporadic e meaning I could work some of the same stations again with strong signals

ZL1SKL Soren
VK3SQ Goeff
VK2IO Gerard
VK3PF Peter
ZL4DVG Daniel
VK3WRL/P Ben S2S on VK3/VG-022 Mt Pendergast

As in a prime VHF spot could not resist giving 2 m a try. Called on the Canberra VK1RGI Mt Ginini repeater, which was full scale, got VK1MA Matt coming back. We tried 2 m FM simplex first on 146.500 Mhz. I had him 52, he received me 41. Not bad around 147 Km away! Also tried 2 m SSB, but signals were similar, just less hiss than 2 m FM. Note was just using a 2 m Jpole ribbon antenna. No other callers on 2 m, returned to 20 m.

Saw a spot for ZL2ATH/p Wynne on ZL1/NL-062 Mount Tiger in the North Island of New Zealand, so called him for an S2S contact. Always nice to make an S2S overseas.

Also managed to work VK1MA Matt on 20 m, somehow.

Worked VK6NU John and VK3ARH/m Allen, before packing up and heading down. 

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