Saturday, 19 January 2019

FT8DMC WAC 20 m Award

Following a contact with VK0HZ at Davis station Antarctica managed to qualify for the FT8 Digital Mode Club Worked All Continents (WAC) award for the 20 meter band.

VK0HZ               2019-01-14  11:30  20M   FT8      AN     
JG1LRE              2018-01-08  07:13  20M   FT8      AS     
OM7PY               2018-10-09  06:24  20M   FT8      EU     
W4IMD               2017-12-03  04:57  20M   FT8      NA     
5W0RR               2017-08-03  06:09  20M   FT8      OC     
HC2AO               2018-12-21  06:04  20M   FT8      SA     

Thanks to the awards manager A92AA Fawaz.


  1. Well done Ian, nice to make the contact for you. Matt VK0HZ

  2. Thanks Matt,
    As I recall it wasn't easy with lots of repeats... Thanks for the comment. Ian VK1DI