Sunday, 1 January 2017


After activating SOTA peak VK2/SM-014 The Cascades I decided there was enough time to stop and reactivate VK2/SM-053 on the drive back to Jindabyne. Being in the next year, 2017 could claim the 8 points again. As per last activation drove up Wollondibby Road and parked near the summit, used the same small sapling for squid pole support.

Looking back the other way.

Shack on the tarp. Due to the cooler weather the March flies seemed to have gone, so didn't have to use it to draw them off me like the last activation. It was actually quite a pleasant day now, temperature around 20c and the strong wind up at Thredbo was absent here.

Got on 40m, using the TS480 running 40w. Started with an S2S with Mitch, VK7XDM/p on VK7/WC-005. Also VK5CZ/p Ian and VK5NHG/p Hugh doing a dual activation of VK5/NE-058.

Stations worked:

03:41zVK7XDM/P7MHzSSBs53 r51 s2s vk7/wc-005
03:42zVK7CW7MHzSSBs57 r53
03:44zVK2IO/M7MHzSSBs51 r53
03:50zVK5CZ/P7MHzSSBs53 r53 s2s vk5/ne-058
03:54zVK5NHG/P7MHzSSBs53 r53 s2s vk5/ne-058
03:55zVK5WG7MHzSSBs57 r55
04:34zVK5IS7MHzSSBs57 r55
04:36zVK3GGG7MHzSSBs58 r42

Tried calling on 20m with no luck. Packed up and continued on to accommodation in Jindabyne.

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