Saturday, 21 January 2017

WWFF McQuoids Hill Nature Reserve VKFF-0849

McQuoids Hill Nature Reserve, VKFF-0849 is a small Canberra Nature Park, located off Kambah Pool Road in the Canberra suburb of Kambah.

Parked near a gate off Kambah Pool Road. There is an access walking track across farmland to the park. McQuoids Hill in the distance.

After crossing the farmland reached the entrance gate to the park.

Took the track up to the top of the hill. View to the South. Murrumbidgee Country Club Golf course on the other side of the road.

The road becomes quite steep nearing the top, with loose stones a bit treacherous. Got to a small hill just before the main hill. A rough walking trail visible to the top.

View from the top. Looking East. Black Mountain with its tower visible on the far left, Woden in the middle, Mount Taylor on the right.

View to the South

View to the West of the Brindabella Ranges

View to the South West, and the small hill I had come from. As the summit had no squid pole mast support and was in the hot sun, decided to head for the shade of the trees below.

There was a log here suitable for squid pole support. Ran out the 40m dipole to a couple of weedy plants.

Shack in the shade. Sat on the log and used my pack for the radio and log book table.

Got on 40m. A park to park contact with VK4HNS/p Neil in VKFF-1516 Coolmunda Conservation Park with a good signal.

Spotted myself, got Gerard VK2IO with a good signal. Then called and called, didn't seem to be many on, or couldn't hear my puny 5w signal...

Eventually worked a few more. VK3DAC Fred, VK3FQSO Amanda, VK1AT Jim, VK3PF/p Peter, VK3HKK Kevin.

As slow going on 40m went to 20m. Worked VK4DV Merv near Rockhampton with a good signal. A massive 59+ signal from VK5PAS, Paul...Made a weak 41 contact with VK6JAH/p John, but as we were both using 5w quite pleased, this was with VK6 on the other side of Australia!

A couple of local contacts, VK1AD Andrew close by a good S9, and VK1AT Jim again, a similar S5 signal to 40m. Finished with a contact with VK6XL Allen, before beading back down and home.

At total of 13 contacts. Enough for the 10 needed for a VKFF point but well short of the 44 contacts for WWFF. Another park I need to revisit.

Map from Openstreetmap showing my operating spot in the park.

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