Monday, 2 January 2017

SOTA Bald Mountain VK2/SM-052

After activating Big Badja Hill VK2/SM-059 drove back to Badja Rd, then drove a short distance South to turn off onto the Slap Up Firetrail on the right. Note that on this side of the Badga Rd you are in Gourock National Park, WWFF reference VKFF-0212.

Drove along Slap Up Firetrail until reaching the access track to Bald Mountain communications tower. Locked gate here. Parked and walked to the tower a short distance down the road.

Not sure why called Bald Mountain as there are plenty of trees here... Just behind the communications tower set up the squid pole on the trig.

Looking back the other way. The fence to the communcations complex on the left. Whatever radio was in there didn't affect me on the HF Amateur bands at all.

Shack on the tarp and my pack. As only a short walk in I used my TS480 radio for a bit more power, set to 40w output. A tree stump made for a handy seat.

Got on 40m. Band not too bad now, NVIS to close by VK2 and VK3 working fine. Worked chasers in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK7.

After 40m dried up went to 20m. I found 14.310 Mhz vacant and spotted myself. Just before I was about to call heard another CQ SOTA call going out on this frequency. A check on SOTAwatch saw myself and Warren ZL2AJ had both spotted ourselves on the same frequency at the same time!
Worked him for an S2S, he was on ZL1/WL-097 Mt Munro, around a 57 signal.

I respotted myself 5 Khz up... but no answers to my calls. Got a Lo battery warning on the TS480, indicating my LifePO4 8700 maH battery was on the way out, so packed up and drove back home to Canberra.

List of stations worked. Note after this 8 point summit I've reached 999 activator points, 1 more to go for Mountain Goat 😊 To do one of the local VK1 1 point summits the next day.

02:26zVK3LED7MHzSSBs58 r57
02:28zVK3CAT7MHzSSBs58 r46
02:30zVK7CW7MHzSSBs58 r46
02:31zVK5IS7MHzSSBs55 r54
02:33zVK2IO7MHzSSBs59 r57
02:34zVK3ANL7MHzSSBs59 r46
02:35zVK3FPSR7MHzSSBs58 r58
02:36zVK3FLCS7MHzSSBs58 r58
02:38zVK3TST7MHzSSBs57 r57
02:40zVK4RF7MHzSSBs55 r53
02:40zVK4HA7MHzSSBs55 r53
02:41zVK3ARH7MHzSSBs57 r53
02:42zVK5FAKV7MHzSSBs58 r57
02:43zVK3ZPF7MHzSSBs59 r57
02:44zVK3GGG7MHzSSBs55 r53
02:44zVK3PMG7MHzSSBs55 r53
02:45zVK2YK7MHzSSBs59 r57
02:47zVK3RW7MHzSSBs58 r57
02:51zVK3BHR7MHzSSBs58 r55
02:52zVK5EE7MHzSSBs58 r53
02:55zVK5MBD7MHzSSBs55 r53
03:00zZL2AJ/P14MHzSSBs57 r41 s2s ZL1/WL-097

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